Good Evening!
Gotta learn to post these things up a little bit earlier. It’s almost past my Bedtime and I have to do the 9ta5er tomorrow with my nice  somewhat Co. Workers and a P#%?!Y of a dude.  

Josh Middleton is the Penciler of choice. The hair was the focus at the time of inking this page. Played around with the shadow but my skills wasn’t high enough to convey the hair. Josh doesn’t use Inkers and I don’t know any Inkers who has sample over josh line art. And that’s all I can say about that.

And last putting something together worth wild. I’ll make an announcement when I have more Info to give. In the meantime enjoy see you with the next one! 

Goodnight GodBleSs you a all  #
litte BiG Man! #LittleArtStuff
Hear I go with another Casual Post. Last Monday was a Bust due to Sick INKA Man Down with Nooo focus what so ever. The Penciler is Micah Gunnel I met this Good Man in Philly years ago. Never got to work together, But all is never lost with good Pen and Ink teams. So enjoy the Good Old Sample. And I’ll see you with the next one!

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This is Hard Work!
(P)JimLee (I)ScottWilliams
Show your Love! Come on who doesn’t Like Mickey! 

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Making up on Tues. because I posted this on a Monday
What’s Good “Everyone”
It only gets Better then this!
Something New casually Posting! Enjoy!

Okay! I’ll end this with LiL Man play time on our way home. It was a good day with Fam and all. But now its time to put in some work time at the table. Hope y’all enjoyed my lil documentation of sorts. Tune in next times thrills!  #ChildsPlay #TrainRide #Family peace!-)
#GieRodz on the Bus enjoying the ride. Gather my thoughts for my next move #Look #Person #Selfie HaHaHa Peace!
Casually Posting on a Monday!  Mark Bagley would be the Penciler of choice for me to ink. I am still Not ready give out the goodies. And still not being cheep. I guess you can say Am Working hard To Build A Better Future for myself. Thanx 2My Bro Universal!

Tomorrow it’s back to work got some new ugly shoes. Should be a good day. If you wish to see the rest of this page go to my fan page @ faceBook/Roccapagee. guess that’s it. Hope y’all diggs! See ya with the next one!

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Red Got That Bud Again Enjoy and #RedMan #Bud #BudaHeads #HipHoppers #Smokers