The Return of the Casual Monday Post! First once again Thank You The Kool Kats @artsnapper for the boost also welcome to all New Follower I’ll do my Best to keep things going! Any questions just ask

Now Damion Mosh Scott Fun dude to work with with lot of energy lots of movement I was not to ready to work with him back then. That isn’t the case know more. Enjoy the art see ya soon!

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How’s this for a Throw Back!
The Book was The BatMan The CoVer Artist was from this Loser guy name JOCK The Penciler is from Paris his name JJ and The Inker on this B#%?! Was some dude name Gie Something IDONTKNOW! Anyway LoL!-)
So when I got job I Lost My Mined called up all of my Homies Maaan this S#%?! Was too good
To be true back then I was so F#%?!ING! Nervous! But Proud A BatMan Book but CatWoman had this B#%?! On Lock! BatMan PoP Up Twice in two book LoL chapter one done!
On torts Chapter Two The Return of CoMnGraf All Stars! One LoVe! #TBT #GieRodz #RobStull #ComnGraf #YnnInkMasters #AerosolKings #share #BatMan75 On one more thing Big Up to all those who supposed me all these years 

“So am gonna do some Expelling!

What’s Good Y’all!
It’s Back To The Grind!

Sorry for the mis post last week. Graffiti Artist was morning the Death of one of it own.
DG One So posting was the last thing on my mined. Anyways ahhh so am gonna kick start somethings in the form of a fan page. With the hopes of trying out different things. Also The
Casual Monday Post It will return this week with the #6 joint to end the set of the Comic Relief set. To then start an all new set of pieces. Hope y’all check me here and there Thank You and RoCcOn!

The Casual Monday Post! #5
Is hear still not to thrilled with this choose of image. But it’s hear it Burns! Why not. (P) Ray Hight  this is my second to last of this set from my Comic Relief run Next week should be a BiG One! Stay Fresh Stay tune RoXsOn! #InkOnPaper #YnnInkMasters #Burner #share #MakeYourMark #Fire
Oh No he Inking again!
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How is everyone!
I am glad to announce The Casual Monday Post has been well Received with minor set backs. As I get set to throw out the 5th post today. Here’s what coming at ya Soon! 

In the Tradition of Graffiti and Comic media. I will be merging the two Art forms. In a form of prints. In order to further embrace the two worlds. Some of these piece’s have never been seen before. Others you might have. With a whole deferent approach. That will might make y’all go Whaaat!

I know people have been been weighing for me to Kill On Paper Walls Canvas Etc art wise. It’s hard to come up with a fresh start. Not to mention all the other emotional S#%?! Politics Etc. So let me see and show you what am made of. As always I Thank You! 


This was last night Make up Tuesday post. Kinda Bash on it a little being that I was tired. What dose puzzled me is Why I ink this page. Oh well enjoy see you with next one! RoCcOn! #DeadPool #Marvel #Graffiti #Comix #YnnInkMasters #InkOnPaper #Share please Thank You!
Next Stage! 
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Another Casual Monday!
When you put in all the Devastation it make up for a great page. This would have have been week 4 but S#%?! Happens hope y’all enjoy the page continue to keep checking in. I’ll see y’all with the next one! Goodnight! GodBleSs RoCcOn #CasalMonday #InkOnPaper #GraffitiComix #GieRodz Still #Sample